Innovation at the heart of tomorrow’s cities

On 16th October 2019, the Atlantic Cities Association has participated at the European Parliament Urban Intergroup event focused on “Knowledge for Urban Policies”.

At the event, Carlo Lavalle and Claudia Baranzelli from the European Commission Joint Research Centre have presented “The Future of Cities” report,

The presentation was focused on assessing opportunities, challenges and the way forward in urban areas.

Regarding urban challenges, key elements such as mobility, affordable housing, ageing, urban health, social disparities, environmental footprint and climate action were highlighted. But also, it was analysed how cities could cope with these challenges through urban planning, innovation hubs development and a technological and resilient city implementation.

During the debate, participants have raised questions on how to link urban growth and environmental protection, issues which need to be better defined in the future.

To this extent, it was stated the future of cities goes through with more dynamic, collaborative and digital cities, cities that integrate sustainable development and social issues.