International meeting on marine and coastal biodiversity

International meeting on marine and coastal biodiversity
Development of maritime territories and biodiversity
13th and 14th November 2012    Océanopolis, Brest

Under the patronage of the Executive Secretary of the Convention on Biological Diversity, the International meeting, organized by Brest métropole océane and its partners, aim to bring together maritime territories of the entire world. Indeed, the mobilization of maritime territories comes out as crucial to try to reverse theloss of biological diversity in marine and coastal environments.

You can see the website of this event here.

At workshops, representatives of maritime national and international territories (Vietnam, Senegal, Argentina, Quebec, Indonesia, Mexico…), scientists, representatives of associations and the participants to the International Meeting will share their input about different local experiences, successes, difficulties, questions in order to enhance them.

Solutions exist, let’s work together to put them in place.

Numerous personalities are expected. You will find here the program, regularly updated on our website.

Register right now to participate, you too, at this co-construction moment of action of maritime territories for the conservation of marine and coastal biodiversity.


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