Invitation to participate in the Study on the Future of Atlantic Cities

Nowadays, Atlantic Cities gathers through its members more than 300 entities. This network, over the last 20 years has achieved a key position as an expert in groups of the European Commission that promote cooperation and territorial development. It has also achieved successes such as the Atlantic Strategy and has served as a platform for various projects aimed at the Atlantic Arc community such as AYCH, She for Sea, EYE, Ecoris3, among others.

The time to take a step forward and continue growing has come, so in 2018 the association decided to launch the study “Future of the Atlantic Cities from 2020”, which seeks to redefine the strategies and scope of the association and its members.

Therefore we seek the support of our members and partners to obtain data and coordinates that contribute to this study. In this context, if you agree to participate, we would like to know your availability to fill out a questionnaire, which can last approximately 15 minutes, in order to gather your expertise.
To carry out the above, you can complete the online questionnaire, before September 20, 2019, which you will find  HERE !

Even if your organisation is not a city member of the Atlantic Cities network, your expertise is much sought, as our purpose is to propose an EU Action Plan that fits with the territorial aspirations. Nevertheless, please do not hesitate to forward this questionnaire to any “Atlantic City” representative or EU urban expert that can also contribute to this study.

For any further information do no hesitate to contact us!