IV Iberian Meeting of Democracy and Participatory Budgets

The next 4th, 5th and 6th of July our Atlantic city of A Coruña will host the IV Iberian Encounter of Democracy and Participatory Budgets. A Coruña leads the theme of Participation in the Atlantic Cities network.

This meeting aims to be a space for exchange and reflection on the diverse experiences of participatory budgets that are taking place throughout the peninsula and to set a common agenda to continue deepening participatory democracy.

At the tables, the experiences carried out in different Ibero-American territories will be brought together and the diversity of participation and its accessibility will be reflected. Special interest will be placed on young people, children, and groups that do not have digital autonomy.

The workshops aim to achieve the active participation of all registered people in order to find solutions to some of the challenges of these processes: inclusion, diversity and gender equality in participatory budgets.

This meeting, which began in 2012, has been held in the towns of Odemira, Mollina, and Ponta Delgada and, like them, A Coruña seeks to mark a common Iberian agenda to further deepen participatory democracy.