J’Aime Angoulême – An innovative touristic app

On the 5th of June, Atout France delivered its awards of digital tourism. The app J’aime Angoulême, developed inside the project Imagina Atlantica (2010-2014), is one of the winners for its innovative contribution in the development of tourism in France.

This app allows tourists to discover Angoulême through 120 sites and monuments in an interactive way. With a smartphone, visitors can now browse the city and its surroundings through various trips designed according to their available time and wishes.

Imagina Atlantica, led by Grand Angoulême in partnership with other Atlantic actors including the CAAC, has contributed to the creation of a network of image technology in Western Europe. Based on creativity, this project has encouraged the implementation of a series of innovative actions to promote the digital heritage of the Atlantic Arc and to foster the employability of young people in this sector.

This initiative contributes significantly to the development of the cities and the promotion of the Atlantic heritage as a whole.

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