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What benefits do members have?

  1. Receive support services offered by the General Secretariat
  2. Meet new initiatives and build partnerships with other local and regional authorities
  3. Receive information and express opinions on proposals of the European Union, strengthening relations with the EU institutions.
  4. Involvement in projects and studies at European level
  5. Establish or strengthen links with other cities and thematic networks
  6. Communicate information about their city at an international level
  7. Identification of the city with the network
  8. Free participation at meetings and thematic seminars, as well as the General Assembly.
  9. Develop and participate in ad hoc working groups on issues of particular interest, within the Thematic Commissions
  10. Apply for a position in the Executive Bureau (president, vice-president, president of Thematic Commission)

Which services are offered by the General Secretariat ?

  1. Spokesman of cities and force of proposals to the European Union and other stakeholders
  2. Strategic follow-up: Information and advice on European policies, programs and calls
  3. Communication Network: directory with contact details for member cities and connection with other institutions and actors.
  4. Support in the organization of meetings, seminars and working groups
  5. Presence (as far as possible) in events of member cities related to EU
  6. Advice, partner search, monitoring and evaluation of projects
  7. Dissemination of good practices and projects among members of the network and to institutional contacts
  8. Receive and participate in the periodic newsletter, sent to members, the European institutions and other stakeholders

Which are the obligations for members ?

City members assume the following commitments:

  1. Taking into consideration the recommendations of the Declaration of Rennes on 7 July 2000
  2. Approving the Charter of San Sebastián for a sustainable urban development and facilitate its implementation
  3. Adhere to the articles of association
  4. Contribute to the guidelines, work plan, communication strategy and network projects
  5. Pay a regular fee
  6. Facilitate the work of the General Secretariat through feedback
  7. Support, as far as possible, the initiatives of other members, questionnaires and surveys
  8. Identify the network with the city

Who can join ?

The association has full members, associate members and observer members.

  1. Full members are those cities, metropolitan areas or urban agglomerations with at least 50,000 inhabitants, situated in the Atlantic Arc, involved or interested in its dynamics.
  2. May be associate members, thus concerned by the work of the committees and working groups, metropolitan areas or urban agglomerations with less than 50,000 inhabitants located in the Atlantic Arc involved or interested in its dynamics.
  3. Observer members may be bodies or institutions located in the Atlantic cities that wish to collaborate in the work of committees and working groups or African or American cities, as the international opening and cooperation remains a priority, especially with these cities.

How to join ?

  1. The legal representative of the applicant institution or agency will send a written request for admission addressed to the Executive Bureau, which shall act unanimously, within two months. These members may be incorporated in the work from the admission by the Executive Board.
  2. The application would be subsequently submitted to the General Assembly for ratification.
  3. Membership of the association shall entail the payment of the annual fee set by the organs. The membership will be lost by own will, for non-payment of annual dues or by forced removal decided by the Executive Bureau.

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