Las Palmas hosts the Monitoring Committee of the Atlantic Area Program

The City of Las Palmas, member of the network of Atlantic Cities and Atlantic City of the Year 2017 has been chosen as the venue for the first meeting of the Monitoring Committee of the INTERREG Atlantic Area Programme.

The Spanish Ministry of Finance, which holds the presidency this year, has decided to stress the importance of peripheral cities in the Atlantic Arc and to recognize the efforts of this city and its actors within the framework of transnational cooperation. As indicated by the mayor of the city, Augusto Hidalgo: “Las Palmas is very proud of its Atlantic identity”.

The opening of the event was held on March 20 with the signing ceremony of the new projects. The meeting of the Monitoring Committee took place the following day. The day was dedicated to the evaluation of the ongoing program. The Secretary-General, Ms Tamara Espiñeira, represented the Atlantic Cities as an expert.