Las Palmas – Innovative touristic information

In order to facilitate the orientation of tourists who arrive in the Canary Islands, the municipality of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has just inaugurated a new signage on the ground to discover the city, based on several routes.

Using a colour code and a graphic tracking, tourists can now choose the way that suits their desires (Historical centre, commercial areas, Las Canteras Beach, Castle of La Luz or harbour market) and optimize the time they have to explore the city. The distance to the place of destination and the estimated walking time also appear on the ground for a fast and effective orientation. A glance at the floor is enough to find his way and continue his route.

Thanks to this innovation and its experience in the sector of cruise tourism, Las Palmas has become a symbol of the quality of reception of the Atlantic cities and develops the Urban Atlantic Strategy in terms of creativity and innovative sustainable tourism.

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