Lisbon Futures: Already there

The Lisbon’s Museum has scheduled a temporary exhibition under the theme “Lisbon Futures”, that will be open to public in the end of June 2018, at the “Torreão Poente do Terreiro do Paço”, the core of the Lisbon’s Museum.

This multidisciplinary exhibition project has been studied for quite a long time, counting with the support of three curators: João Seixas (geographer), Manuel Graça Dias (architect); Sofia Guedes Vaz (engineer of the environment).

Aiming to be open up to visitors’ questions and their perspectives on the transition of times, that we are currently living in, as well as what may be the most relevant elements of change in the future and potential interpellations that trends can create for cities, for urban life and in particular for Lisbon. The main cores of the exhibition will be:  The future over time; Difficulties in predicting the future; The future that is here; Questions about the Future; Hypothetical future of Lisbon; The pillars of Lisbon.

The room “future that is already here” will also integrate a reference to the international networks in which the city of Lisbon, through its City Council, has an active role, like the Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities.

In addition the third edition of the URBACT City Festival will take place in Lisbon between 13th and 14th September, in order to reply to key questions such as: How can we make our cities more equal? More welcoming to newcomers? How can we increase the attractiveness of our cities and fight unemployment? Make sure that they are prepared for the climate change and resilient? How can we do all that with less?