Orientations for an Atlantic Arc Strategy-June 2010

The Faro declaration in 1989 translated in practical terms the desire for the Atlantic Regions to cooperate together to address common challenges and define an identity based on their maritime and peripheral characteristics. This led to the creation of the CPMR’s Atlantic Arc Commission. Ten years later, the cities also decided to structure themselves into a network to give this cooperation a local dimension giving rise to the Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities.
The reason behind the initiative back then was to make up for lost ground in terms of development, since the Atlantic territories were lagging behind in relation to the rest of Europe due to their poor level of accessibility. This resulted from an underdeveloped infrastructure network, the decline of the maritime economy in the face of international competition, a poorly interconnected urban network and a tourism industry with a low added value.

Orientations AAC- CAAC on Atlantic Arc Strategy

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