Policy Analysis at the Atlantic Urban Forum


As the New Year is starting, we would like to prepare some actions of Policy Analysis. Thus, we would like to propose you to send us your ideas /documents /links / projects /expert contacts on the most interesting topics for your city among:

– Sustainable Cities

The EU Committee of the Regions is working on an opinion on Sustainable Cities. 4 broad questions will shape the discussion:

  • How should the European Union stimulate cities to implement policies and measures that favour sustainable urban planning and design?
  • How far should the European Union aim to improve broader awareness about access to EU financing for measures to improve sustainability?
  • How can the European Union best facilitate the creation and sharing of best practices on sustainable urban living across the Union?
  • How can the European Commission and the Committee of the Regions further encourage cities with over 100.000 inhabitants to participate and compete for the European Green Capital Award?

Deadline to answer: 15 January 2014

– Tourism communication

We would like to have an overview of the actions of our city members in Tourism communication, which are the strategies, the on-going programmes, some results /evaluations, etc…

Deadline to answer: 19 January 2014

– Atlantic Identity

As the concepts of “territorial identity” evolve, innovative ways of using and describing the Atlantic features may arise.

Deadline to answer: 25 January 2014

– Creativity and the Urban Environment: Creative Districts

How do Atlantic Cities combine urbanization with Creative Industries and / or Knowledge based institutions? In this sense, which are the social, geographical, environmental, cultural and economic transformations?

Deadline to answer: 25 January 2014

– Affordable Energy for All

The Committee of the Regions (CoR) is drafting an opinion on the referral of the Greek Presidency on ‘Affordable Energy for All’. For this purpose, please find enclosed some background information as well as a set of preliminary questions to guide the debate.

Deadline to answer: 28 January 2014

– European Tourism of the future

The European Commission is launching this consultation to support the European Tourism of the Future. The main objectives of this consultation are:

  • better identify the key challenges and opportunities for the European tourism industry’s future;
  • help revising, if necessary, the Action Plan for the sector adopted by the European Commission in 2010

There is also an Open Consultation on Regulatory and Administrative Framework on Tourism Businesses, Public Administrations, and other Tourism Stakeholders in the EU.

Please visit the annex and the following links before sending your opinions:



Deadline to answer: 10 March 2014

Looking forward to hearing from you at headquarters@atlanticcities.eu

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