Presentation of Atlantic Cities’ projects in L’exploratoire Rennes

The diffusion of the Atlantic Cities’ projects is part of the association’s communication strategy. Facilitating the creation of links between the community and the various programs offered cooperatively for the benefit of the community is a task that Atlantic Cities seeks to achieve.

Therefore, the association usually sets aside a space to make public the objectives and progress of their projects. On June 13, 2019, Atlantic Cities presented 3 of its projects in L’exploratoire in Rennes: Erasmus for young entrepreneurs (EYE), Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs (AYCH) and She for Sea.

During the presentation, topics such as the relevance of having this type of projects within the framework of our association, the contribution to the member cities and our activities for the benefit of the community were discussed.

Attendees could contribute to achieving better interaction by asking their questions and suggestions and then disseminating the information shared during the presentation.

For more information about the projects for which Atlantic Cities serves as a platform, do not hesitate to contact our secretariat or visit our social networks, twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.