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Atlantic Futures

The Atlantic Futures programme, developed in 2018, is a transnational programme offering young people opportunities to develop their entrepreneurial skills at national and European level.

Atlantic Futures (AF) is a programme based on the results of previous Atlantic Village projects, focusing on the integration of best practice and knowledge supporting young talent and their education, entrepreneurship, and employability, enhancing creative and technological skills. The “European Affairs” label is attached to the CV of our trainees enriching, their profile and providing a new vision of the world, the company and the people themselves. Atlantic Futures is conceived as a model for young professionals seeking EU employment or working in EU affairs after the experience of the Atlantic Cities Secretariat.

This programme has been recognised at European level through the European Business Promotion Award. Indeed, it won at national level and was finalist at European level in September 2020.


Stella Atlantis

The project Stella Atlantis was born and holds its name from the existence of the Atlantic paths of the Saint James’ way (Santiago de CompoSTELLA). It is a promotion project, aiming at showcasing the culture, heritage and tourism of Atlantic Cities’ members, for an enhanced visibility and attractivity. Culture and a common history are a link between Atlantic territories and contribute to the Atlantic identity. Thus, Stella Atlantis aims at bringing even more cohesion between the cities.

• A competition to stand out: Atlantic Heritage City 

Each year, Atlantic Cities honours a city from the Atlantic Arc. The competition aims to give visibility (within the Atlantic Cities network but also at European level) to the efforts of Atlantic cities to find sustainable models adapted to their geographical identity.

The competition awards a city with an increased European awareness and actions dedicated to sustainable development. The conditions are simple, the city must be located in the Atlantic Arc area and be consistent with Atlantic Cities San Sebastián Charter. 



Since 2008, Atlantic Cities has been campaigning for the creation of a macro-region.

Acknowledging the progress made in terms of taking account of the challenges faced by Atlantic Arc thanks to the Atlantic Maritime Strategy, Atlantic Cities’ members wish for an even more integrated approach to the Atlantic Arc. This approach should consider not only maritime issues, which are an essential element of the Atlantic Arc’s identity, but also the land-based issues of cities, of which transport, in particular, is a cornerstone.

This is where the interest and added value of a macro-region lies: this framework for enhanced cooperation enables territorial actors from different cities, regions and countries to align their strategies and to carry out joint concrete actions on a limited number of shared themes: the environment, transport or innovation, for example.


She for Sea

Atlantic Cities launched the She for Sea campaign in 2016, to promote the role of women in the maritime sector and their right to better access to employment in this sector, as well as to higher positions of responsibility.

The project highlights women workers in the maritime sector by interviewing them about their work, their vocation and their projects. She4Sea also uses social media (@she_4sea), seminars and individual contacts. However, the place of men is not ignored because their contribution is important in this process!

This programme has already won awards and recognition (and wishes to get more!). Some examples:

– Special Jury Prize at the Maritime Initiatives Award of the “Les Aventuriers de la Mer” festival October 2020

– Finalist in the Atlantic Project Awards, November 2020

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