Atlantic youth gathers & re-imagines our cities in Gijon

From April 3 to 5, 2019 an International Creative Jam was held in the city of Gijón (Spain) as part of the AYCH – Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs project, of which the Atlantic Cities are part.

The event was organized by the City Council of Gijón, one of our partners and founding member of the Atlantic Cities. Young people came from the 5 countries of the Atlantic Area: France, Ireland, United Kingdom, Portugal and Spain to participate.

For three days, the young participants had the opportunity to work in different workshops focused on the theme “re – imagine your city, re – imagine yourself“, aiming to promote their innovative ideas and creativity through the use of new information and communication technologies such as immersive technologies and digital and interactive devices.

In particular, for the last day of the Creative Jam, the creativity of young people was directly promoted through the celebration of the so-called “hackathon”, a challenge focused on working with young people in small teams animated by a mentor.

During the development of the challenge, young people had to imagine innovative solutions to current societal issues. Solutions took form in different projects and through the development of prototypes i.e. innovative products which were later presented to a jury.

Finally, three projects were awarded: the most impressive, the most realistic and practical and the most voted by the young participants.