Saint-Nazaire Celebrates 150 years of shipbuilding

On the 23rd of April 1864, the transatlantic liner Impératrice Eugénie was launched at the yard of Penhoët, thus marking the beginning of a great epic of shipbuilding for the city.

To celebrate 150th anniversary of this industrial prowess, the Ecomuseum of Saint-Nazaire gave the opportunity to those interested to experience again the event as it was received by the people and the press of the time. The Impératrice Eugénie was honoured with new exhibits and the presence of historians who narrated the triumphal atmosphere prevailing around this titan of the seas when he left the wedge. With a length of 108m and a capacity of 215 passengers, the ship sailed for nearly 30 years between the European and American continents for the Compagnie Générale Transatlantique, before running aground on the 28th of January 1895 off the Colombian coast.

Impératrice Eugénie was the first of a long series of naval achievements and singularly reinforced the Atlantic features of the city. Currently, Oasis 3, the largest cruise ship in the world is under construction at STX site in Saint-Nazaire. It is expected to be put into service in 2016.

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