Santander: Departure of the mobile training

The City Council of Santander, member city and vice-president of Atlantic Cities network, will launch at the beginning of December its two new shuttles for jobs and entrepreneurship for a eight-months period.

In the aftermath of previous editions’ good results, this mobile training jobs campaign is back on the road again. The shuttles will allow participants to have access to « coaching » methods while receiving personal accompaniment throughout job seeking and project development processes. This year, one of the shuttles will be dedicated to job seekers, while the other one will be especially dedicated to young people.

This initiative match with activities organised within the framework of AYCH project which Atlantic Cities is a partner. Indeed, the project seeks to develop an innovative training model destined to young people from Atlantic regions in order to develop their skills and create jobs opportunities in the cultural and creative sector.

If you want further information on implemented activities within the AYCH project, please do not hesitate in contacting our Secretariat.

Click here to watch an explanatory video.