Seminar on European Connectivity in Dublin – Ireland

On April 16, 2019, the President of the Atlantic Cities, Mr. José María Costa, participated in Dublin in a seminar promoted by the European Commission on the link between ports and cities called “European Connectivity of Ireland – Ports and maritime links in the Atlantic Ocean basin ”

The president participated in a round table led by the European coordinator of the Atlantic corridor and pointed out that this connection has as its first objective to promote a real extension of the rail links to the different ports to promote a European perspective of the Atlantic corridor, which becomes a priority of planning and political treatment.

In addition, he stressed that the Atlantic corridor should be assumed as a privileged platform for the coordination of investments in railway infrastructures in Portugal, Spain, France and Germany.

The seminary also included representantives of the European Atlantic Maritime Strategy, the ports of Northern Europe, Spain, the Baltic Sea and also the Association of the Renewable Energy Authority of Ireland.

For more information, you can review the press release of the conference here