The Atlantic Cities network is at the service of its members, defending the interests of citizens and the sustainable development of the Atlantic Arc region, in accordance with the European Union and its values. We foster transnational cooperation through European projects and informal exchanges


For our members, good project ideas will never get off the page due to funding problems. Knowing the importance of fundraising, we ensure a nonstop strategical monitoring of opportunities for funding, from project financing to international awards and prizes,  materialized on a tailor-made monthly newsletter composed by a selection of hand-picked calls. We also work with Ad-hoc fundraising researches, at request of our member cities.

Lobby Bruxelles

As a wide network of local authorities, we work to ensure that the needs of the Atlantic Arc cities are heard and considered. Acknowledged as an expert before the EU institutions and counting with a wide network of contacts, we provide our members requests with technical, theoretical and political support , making sure that our campaigns  are a true contribution to the European project.

Exchanges & cooperation

We work to foster transnational cooperation on the Atlantic Arc and one of the best ways to do that is through the exchange of good practices. We believe that a good idea is even better when shared with others! So many actions have a great transferability potential but remain unknown, Atlantic Cities conveys the best ideas in Europe to its members. Also, at Atlantic Cities we share the successful practices of our members. Joint work is possible through our Thematic Commissions, international conferences, working groups, partnership in projects and, of course, through informal exchanges during the events.

European Projects

As a center of expertise for writing proposals and managing European projects (Up to 4 million €), the Secretariat offers its services to its member cities as a way to foster cooperation across the Atlantic Arc. We count with 18 years of experience in writing proposals and participation as partner in more than 20 projects on our history (and an even greater number of proposals of our members  approved with our support).

City members receive advice in the best EU programme to co-finance their initiatives. They can also count on the Secretariat to find the best partners all over Europe and to pre-asses the bid. Further on, once the project is approved, member cities can request advice for project management, project modifications, project events or project capitalization, among others.


“Your reputation precedes you”. And that is relevant for cities as it is for people. Our association helps cities and local authorities to attract tourism, talent and investors, be recognized by their sustainable models and find their voices in Europe.  Check some of the initiatives:

Atlantic City of the Year Contest: Each year we choose one city from the Atlantic Arc to be on the spotlight. The contest aims to give visibility (at the Atlantic Cities but also at European level) to the efforts of the Atlantic Cities to find sustainable models adapted to their geographical identity.

Stella Atlantis: Our members will be connected through a virtual map of heritage and tourism “good spots” all around the Atlantic Arc, based in well-known routes and historical trails such as the Way of Saint James or the Hansa.

ATBRAND:  The study, done between 2014-2015 demonstrates how the Atlantic Territories, specially cities, can be promoted together. It is available upon request to our Secretariat.


The Atlantic Futures (AF) is a program built on the results of the previous Atlantic Cities’ projects focusing on integrating best practice and knowledge supporting young talent and their education, enterprise, employability and entrepreneurship, enhancing creative and technological skills. The “EU-affairs” label added to the resume of our alumni enhances their profiles and opens their minds to a new vision of the world, of the enterprise and of themselves. Atlantic Futures works as a steppingstone for the young professionals that usually find EU related jobs right after their experiences in the Atlantic Cities’ Secretariat.

Our cities can participate sending or hosting young candidates. They also receive training for their civil servants and thorough information on the EU programmes related to talent. For instance, the ECORIS3 project worked on the question of talent retention.

Do you want to make part of our network or propose collaborations? contact us!