She4Sea addressed in a Master’s dissertation

As part of the Atlantic Futures’ programme, the secretariat of the Atlantic Cities hosts interns between 6 weeks and 6 months. The objective is to support their careers with an international experience. That was the case of Angie Yaccelga, student of the University of Orleans.

Building on her contribution to ACA’s work, she decided to use the She4Sea programme as the basis for her master’s dissertation (in English), tackling both gender and talent attraction. Her efforts were well received by the education institution.

As Angie says:

Nowadays and despite the many advances in the matter, the wage gap, gender segmentation and employment opportunities remain a matter to be discussed, especially when we go beyond the general concept of gender inequality and focus on a specific sector; in this case, the inclusion of women in a sector that has been traditionally dominated by men, the maritime sector. That is why Atlantic Cities created the She4Sea communication campaign, so as to highlight women in this sector; attempting to get the attention of groups, organizations, European institutions and women themselves to generate a contribution to society.

If you wanna know more about the She4Sea project or if you wish to participate in the Atlantic Futures programme, please check our Talent section.