Some thoughts on Atlantic Port Cities

Coruña Port by TGE
Coruña Port by TGE

The port cities of the Atlantic are dependent on large markets and decision centers away, so are weakened his power of leadership. Also, due to the radial design of road and rail systems, relationships with the hinterland have not reached a critical mass.

In these circumstances, the economic activity located in the ports of Atlantic Arc Cities is conditioned by liberalization and internationalization of the economy, the economic strategies large marine operators, but also by the Port authorities’ own strategies and the cities in which they are situated. Other factors to consider are industrial decline in areas where heavy industries flourished before the necessary port rearranging soils, changes in shipping and logistics development. However, from an urban point of view, climate change fighting and sustainable development advocacy are the fundamental factors behind the transformation of the port-city relations.

This idea was transformed into an article by Tamara Guirao, CAAC coordinator, and Maria Montoiro, Junior Technician, in 2010. The article was then published by RETE, in the Portus Plus journal.

Today, CAAC is preparing an specific session in its General Assembly that will go even further: How the MoS are to influence the development of the territories? The session will count on the presence of all the stakeholders involved: cities, ports, university and operators. Concerning the Atlantic Strategy, EU institutions should take into account not only the fundamental role of local authorities but also the weight of ports as stakeholders.

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