Strategy EU 2020

As far as Atlantic cities are concerned, this first consultation proposes a series of crucial axes as:

1. This document has been drawn up and published within a context which is marked by a recession that is not only economic in nature, but which also has significant social environmental repercussions. In spite of being a great leap forwards in the process of European integration, the Lisbon Strategy has not been swift enough in providing adequate responses to the crisis, with the current situation underlining the necessity for greater coherence in terms of the strategic planning of European policy.

2. In the medium term, the ongoing policy of austerity and restrictions imposed upon resources should suggest a perspective dominated by economies of scale and synergies which maximise the results obtained from the steps to be taken, bearing in mind not only the international and European context but also one which contemplates the local
and regional situation. Likewise, the crisis is not only a warning that calls for more awareness. It should be regarded as a starting point and not as a future horizon in itself.

CAAC opinion on EU  Strategy 2020

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