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MATES stands for « Maritime Alliance for Fostering the European Blue Economy through a Marine Technology Skilling Strategy ».

Its objective is to develop a skills strategy that addresses the main drivers of change to the maritime industry, in particular shipbuilding and offshore renewable energy. This project is a part of Erasmus+ and gather 17 partners from 8 countries that will work from January 2018 to December 2021 to develop a long term Strategy and Action Plan. Therefore, the aim is to better the maritime technologies though the amelioration of the services, education and training and industry.

The maritime field is a subject of high importance for Atlantic Cities, since it is a main resource for cities of the Atlantic Arc, and is full of innovative opportunities.

In the same field, She 4 Sea is a project that offers visibility to women working in the marine industry, whether they work in shipbuilding industry, marine biology, harbors…

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