Tapping the local potential at Cherbourg


The Urban Community of Cherbourg participates since 2010 in the European project ESIMeC, co-financed by the URBACT II programme. ESIMeC aims to identify tools to promote at the local level the match between the supply and demand on employment while raising practices contributing to improve human resources in sectors of activities of particular importance  to the cities participating in the project: culture, tourism, knowledge economy, green technology…
ESIMeC has brought together 8 medium-sized cities: Sabadell and Albacete (Spain), Debrecen (Hungary), Bistrita (Romania), Besançon and Cherbourg (France), Gävle (Sweden) and Basingstoke (Great Britain), leader of the project.
Like all other ESIMeC partners, the Urban Community of Cherbourg has hosted a group of local support (GSL), which drafted an action plan to identify locally and make available the results of the project. This group included representatives of the House of Employment and Training, the Chamber of Commerce and industry of Cherbourg Cotentin, the city of Cherbourg, the Department Manche, the Tourist Office, the Technopole and the Region. The GSL has chosen to work on maritime activities.
Also, Cherbourg action plan brings together initiatives to develop the marine economy in its diversity (seafood, boating, marine renewable energy, port operations, marine tourism, shipbuilding) strengthening training systems to meet the needs of businesses. This plan was approved on October 4, 2012 and was presented  on November 6 at the final seminar final of ESIMeC which was held in Brussels in the presence of representatives of the European Commission.
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