The 8th Cometcon Festival will take place in Gijon

Alternative Festival of northwestern Spain spanning 3 days, the Cometcon gathered every spring many visitors, including 17,000 in March 2019.

Gijon, a large coastal city in the north of Spain, known for the importance of its maritime heritage, is a place of choice to organize the festival in 2020.

This transfer will allow the project to grow, on the one hand by focusing on innovation, industry and technology, and on the other hand, thanks to a capacity much higher than the previous one, favoring the number of exhibitors, and ultimately, the visitor experience.

For an entry fee of less than 9 euros, visitors have the opportunity to attend concerts, test virtual reality, be part of a competition for the best cosplay, participate in conferences on the theme of games video, and many more!

An unmissable event for video game and series lovers, who will find the opportunity to share their passion, enjoy previews of games or be together as a spectator of the finals of League of Legends.

An advantage for the city, which will benefit from a tourist influx but also for the festival organizers, who see their opportunities expand and thus, are able to multiply their offer. 

The Atlantic Cities welcome this initiative and encourage the involvement of the Atlantic Arc Cities in holding major events of this kind.

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