The Atlantic Arc: New Translations for an Old Identity

A brief by Tamara Guirao, CAAC coordinator

Last March 2014, I was invited by the University of Coimbra to present my research on the identity and narrative of the Atlantic Arc. Therefore, I’d written an article on the construction of this identity and the up’s and down’s of the Atlantic Arc as a soft espace. Indeed, the abstract reads as follows:

” For more than thirty years, the Atlantic Arc has been used as a concept to defend the stance of the regions and cities in South Western Europe. Several factors, from geographical features to cooperation agreements have had a strong influence in the evolution of the notion and its uses.

Nowadays, with a new EU programming period on its way and transnational initiatives like the Atlantic Strategy being discussed, the time has come to clarify the meaning, the incidence and the implication of the Atlantic Arc as a brand and as a common identity, part of the European citizenship broader concept. ”

Keywords: Atlantic Arc; Atlantic Area; branding; territorial marketing; territorial cooperation

Please read the whole article here: The Atlantic Arc: New Translations for an Old Identity 

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