The Atlantic Cities after 2030: building a tighter future

The network of Atlantic Cities met in an extended office on October 22 in Cherbourg.

Atlantic Arc Cities have much in common, such as, their involvement regarding the ecological transition, the blue growth or their willingness to connect to the world.

The discussions focused on the objectives achieved, the projects in progress and the challenges ahead. This was the aim of the study on the future strategy of the Atlantic Cities 2020-2030, in order to contribute to the implementation of European policies in favor of the Atlantic Arc.

Several priorities were identified in this study:

-Blue growth and prosperity
-Energy transition
-Improving mobility and accessibility in the territories of the Atlantic Arc
-Equality and innovation
-Improving research and training

Among these priorities, the assembly stressed the importance of mobility and accessibility in the territories and support for sustainable growth in the marine and maritime sectors (i.e. The blue economy).

The Atlantic Cities will meet again, this time in a General Assembly in Brussels on December 4th in order to officially adopt the new priorities.

If you want to attend, please register HERE.