The Atlantic Cities meet with Commissioner Hahn

Within the framework of the activities carried out by the CECICN, the network chaired by the CAAC in the person of the Mayor of Santiago, Xosé Antonio Sanchez Bugallo, the Atlantic cities were able to put forward their concern regarding the future of the cohesion policy to the Commissioner of Regional Policy, Johannes Hahn.

Issues highlighted during the meeting were climate change, energy efficiency and interregional accesibility. The  commissioner invited the network to participate in the Cohesion Forum which was held in January. Philippe Duron, Mayor of Caen, Chairman of the CAAC and vice-Chairman of CECICN, attended the event, where he had the chance to participate and highlight not only the importance of the role of cities in the policy of cohesion, but also the request for an Integrated Strategy for the Atlantic Arc. CECICN is a platform created in 2010 and which brings together the
network of Atlantic, Baltic, Mediterranean, Adriatic, Iberian and MOT cities.

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