The Atlantic Strategy: Mission and vision of the cities

In the context of the drafting of the Action Plan of the Atlantic Strategy, all actors and stakeholders were called to express their ideas, in reply to a consultation by DG MARE on priorities for investment for the Atlantic Arc.
It must be taken into account that the Atlantic strategy is not born from nothing. The previous innovative actions  of the Atlantic territory anticipate the Strategy and should be capitalized therein; thus justifying  the importance of a layout perspective of territorial action, the challenges of the macro-region and the will of the stakeholders.
Today, the issue is not only thematic (is it too maritime?) or the actions. The biggest challenge remains in the governance and the leadership of projects. The Atlantic Strategy must be brought to a strengthening of the capacities of actors and stakeholders (regions, cities, universities,…) and of its role, as well as to the recognition of the multiplier effect of the Atlantic networks.
These ideas animate the Contribution of the Atlantic cities to the consultation of the DG MARE on the action Plan:

Contribution of the Atlantic Cities to the consultation on Key Priorities

Other documents of the Atlantic cities on the strategy are to be read HERE.

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