The documentary “Heritage” by Flávio Cruz on Viana parties was awarded

The ART & TUR Festival, International Tourism Film, which took place in Leiria from October 23rd to 26th, has just awarded the documentary “Heritage” by the Vianian filmmaker Flávio Cruz as the best international documentary in the category “Ethnography and Society”.

Held by Flávio Cruz, with the support of the Viana City Council, the film that premiered in September 2017, resulted from an intense work of documentary collection for the Museum of the Costume of that city, in video and photography of some of the most emblematic festivals and “romarias of the region. The musician Luís Pinheiro signed the soundtrack for the award-winning film at this tourism film festival and photojournalist Gonçalo Delgado (Global Images collaborator) was one of the main elements of the photography team.

Viana do Castelo, Atlantic City of the Year 2018, stands out for its work in heritage conservation and arts.