The experiences of young Atlantic Futures, now live on Youtube !

Ana de Lecea worked as a communication and events assistant at Atlantic Cities, as a participant of the Atlantic Futures project. She tells you all about her work in an interview now available on our Youtube channel.

Atlantic Cities launch the Atlantic Futures program directed towards youth, for them to get opportunities and to gain work experience in the field of European project, whereas it is its management, communication… Thanks to this project, young citizens from Europe have had the chance to discover a new field, understand some mechanism and overall, develop their skills and abilities by learning new things, or improving the one they already had.

Some experiences have been recorded and are now available on the YouTube channel of Atlantic Cities. In those videos, you will be able to hear Ana de Lecea (Communication & Events assistant), Anais Gueguen (Business Management & International Development) or Eric Amaral Garcia (Junior Policy Advisor), talk about their experiences at Atlantic Cities. Their studies and professional experience might be completely diferent, but they had in common their determination to learn new things, closely related to the European Union and the cities of the Atlantic Arc.

The Atlantic Futures program is still going strong and Atlantic Cities keep welcoming young people, for internship, training contract of European volunteering.

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