TONETA: Second meeting in Cabueñes

City networks have the necessary skills and resources to advise and support cities’ initiatives. Hence the impact and importance of city networks is crucial to make the most of twinning.
TONETA, with the support of the European Union “Europe for Citizens” programme, aims to reinforce and improve the networking of cities by improving, promoting and fomenting the different networks which work in the Atlantic area.

After organising the General Assembly in Niort, TONETA partners together with the Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities are preparing their next meeting in Gijon, during the Cabueñes seminar. They will hold an specific workshop on Young People and sustainability: Sustainable territory for a possible world. This seminar will reflect, from an international and practical perspective, on the thematic areas that can influence the social sustainability of cities as inclusive spaces that promote personal and collective coexistence, equality, immigration, etc…


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