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1.1 Innovative Urban Policy
The current context leads the cities to rethink their planning in terms of optimizing resources and adapt their policies to the budgetary stability. The Atlantic cities, today more than ever, are required to create models tailored to their idiosyncrasy, based on their own experience. Hence the idea of an Atlantic City as a city that applies an Innovative Urban Policy. Being a transversal axis, this topic will aim to work on issues such as urban regeneration, energy efficiency and intelligent buildings, urban-rural relations, recovery of abandoned soil and revitalization of centres, smart cities and digital agenda.

1.2 Creative Cities
Based on the experiences of projects like Know Cities, IMAGINAATLANTICA, CULTUR * AT, INNOVATE or Dorna and giving value to the idiosyncrasies of the Atlantic Arc, both sea and land, this Commission is responsible for defining the cultural identity of the Atlantic cities of the future. So proposals focus on topics like creative territories, Atlantic festivals (Celtic music, comics), innovative sustainable tourism, the networking of Atlantic Museums, the digitization and dissemination of content, the recovery of the Atlantic routes and linkages with African and (Latin) American culture.

1.3 Economic and Social Action of the Cities (Social Innovation)
In the difficult context of the financial and economic crisis affecting Europe, it is necessary to strengthen aspects of the fight in favour of a renewed economic development in the Atlantic cities and more effective policies for employment and entrepreneurship. With a clear dimension of social innovation, the axes that have been identified are: education and training for youth employment, entrepreneurship (especially for youth and women), economy of proximity, support to SMEs and other companies in their innovation and international strategies, citizenship participation and exchange with universities.

1.4 Sustainable Development and Blue Growth
With the Charter of San Sebastián in 2008, the Atlantic cities reaffirm their commitment to sustainable development. Similarly, the Atlantic Maritime Strategy represents a unique opportunity to assert the potential of the Atlantic cities with respect to the Blue Growth around the priorities identified in the action plan. In an integrated perspective of sustainable development and taking into account the followup to the Atlantic Strategy, this commission will deal with issues such as climate change, land and sea transport systems and urban mobility, maritime economy, nautism, port cities and sustainable fisheries