Urban Community of Bordeaux – The European metropolis

Adopted by Decree in 2009, the operation of national interest Bordeaux-Euratlantic is designed to make Bordeaux a benchmark among European metropolis.

The first step to achieve the objective is the creation of the new high-speed rail track South-Europe-Atlantic connecting Paris in 2 hours in 2017 and Madrid in 3h35 for 2020.

The Urban Community of Bordeaux (CUB) confirms its ambitions by setting up a vast operation of development including the creation of a multimodal hub around the Saint-Jean railway station, new housing facilities, a laboratory district on the habitat of tomorrow and an economic hub including a cluster of creative economy.

Active member within the Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities, the CUB has intensified its involvement within the network by hosting the Executive Bureau of the CAAC last April. Concurrently with this meeting, Mr. Carlos Negreira, Mayor of A Coruña and President of the CAAC, had the opportunity to have a discussion with Mr. Alain Juppé, president of the metropolis of Bordeaux.

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