Viana do Castelo elected Atlantic City of the Year 2018

The prize, awarded by the Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities, was announced on January 22 in Brussels. The title of “Atlantic City of the Year” aims to highlight the efforts of Atlantic cities to find sustainable models adapted to their geographical identity.

Created in 2000, the Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities now represents more than 200 local authorities on the European Atlantic coast. This network works as an expert in several community institutions, such as the European Commission’s Structural Funds Dialogue, the URBAN intergroup of the European Parliament and the INTERREG Atlantic Area program.

Viana do Castelo achieved this recognition thanks to an application based on its local strategy, which reflects the values, actions and ambitions of the Atlantic Arc: the sea, heritage, innovation and the fight against climate change.

This prize has previously been awarded to Brest Métropole in France and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in Spain. The applications were evaluated by a European jury composed of members of the Atlantic Strategy Group, the committee of experts working with the European Commission for the implementation of the Atlantic Maritime Strategy.

The trophy will be awarded to the mayor of Viana do Castelo in Rennes, the founding city of the network of cities of the Atlantic Arc in March. The ceremony will take place during an international seminar on Atlantic culture, 2018 being the year of European cultural heritage. This seminar will end with a meeting of the Executive Bureau of the Atlantic Arc Cities.