Viana do Castelo: new access to the seaport

Viana do Castelo, the Atlantic city of 2018, unanimously approved the intention to award Construções Amândio Carvalho, for more than 5.3 million euros, the construction of road access to the seaport.

The decision was taken during the ordinary meeting of the municipal executive, based on the final report of the jury of the public tender, launched in May, with a base price of seven million euros.

In question is a highway with 8.8 kilometers, which will connect the commercial port to the junction of Highway 28 (A28) in São Romão de Neiva, allowing heavy traffic to be removed from the interior of urban roads.

Speaking to the Lusa news agency, the mayor of Viana do Castelo, José Maria Costa explained that the proposal approved today goes to the Court of Auditors, estimating that “the work, with a term of execution of 18 months, should be recorded at the end of the month of January 2019 “.

“It is a very important work for the county and for the district that arrives 40 years later,” said José Maria Costa.

The work is financed by the Viana do Castelo City Council and the Douro, Leixões and Viana do Castelo Ports Administration (APDL).