Visibility of a European Project

A brief by Stéphane Ridou, EU project manager at CAAC.

« Visibility » and « Dissemination and exploitation of the results (DEOR) » are frequently used terms in EU projects. Even if both concepts may sound similar, they are at the same time different and complementary. Organized by the Spanish National Agency, the training course Extiende La Llama provided some tips on how to effectively spread the word about EU activities.

Spreading the waves

While visibility implies imparting information on a project, DEOR focuses on inspiring the public to exploit the results and to create a new project. Over and over, a project stops when the deadline is reached, whereas it could lead to other forms of cooperation.

In the middle of a fictitious triangle formed by results, target groups and a dissemination strategy, the purpose is to stimulate the spreading of information on the project and extend its benefits so as to induce others to implement the same initiative. Thus, encouraging prospect users to get in contact and share about success… or failure.

The multiplier effect can sometimes provide more powerful results that the impact in itself, like a radiation effect after a nuclear bomb. Raising awareness on how to be active at different stages is DEOR’s main aim. However, to reach this level of expectations, the method cannot be improvised.

Get a strategy

Every campaign needs to be planned in advance. With the proliferation of tools, reaching every target group is now possible. Nevertheless, the right medium must be used for the right target, whether it is written, digital or physical. Social media can improve remarkably the visibility of your structure or project; but they might turn counterproductive when not handled with care.

Being creative eases attention, however the most original and elaborated strategy will not be necessarily the most efficient. Seizing the opportunity of an existing event or campaign can boost your visibility. As a perfect strategy obviously does not exist, having a plan B is highly recommended.

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