In Atlantic Cities we are looking for consultants / Interns

In the view of its 20th anniversary in 2020 and earmarked by the program “Atlantic Futures”, the Atlantic Cities’ network is opening several opportunities to cooperate within its activity.


We are looking to create a roster of consultants in the following fields: territorial cooperation, urban development, EU Urban Agenda; sustainable development, ports and blue economy, city branding and talent attraction, participatory processes, architecture and sustainable buildings, biodiversity and conservation, heritage and culture, creative sector and all domains that may seem interesting for our works.


Atlantic Cities’ are now calling the next generation of Atlantic Futures trainees. This selective programme has proved its worth boosting the career of our former interns, who now work for other EU networks, the European Parliament, the French National Center for Research, etc…

We are open to proposals of any field of expertise as long as the student can provide:

  1. Learning agreements with their University (“convention”), as internships in France are only available to enrolled students. An Erasmus agreement is also possible and even desirable (please check with your University).
  2. A resume and a cover letter
  3. Demonstration of their language level (at least 3 out of 4 languages of the Atlantic Arc), thus the cv should mention this level. It will be written in mother language whereas the cover letter must be written in a second language.
  4. 2 references to be contacted / reference letters.
  5. A written test ( July 22nd for 2019 and 22nd November 2019 for 2020)

Topics for 2019 are as follows:

  1. European Territorial Cooperation (August 2019-December 2019)
  2. 20 years political campaign (15 September 2019- 31 December 2019)
  3. Resources management at local level (13 January 2019-12 July 2019)
  4. Launching the Atlantic Communication Plan (13 January 2019-12 July 2019)
  5. European Urban Policy (July-December 2020)
  6. Strategic Intelligence for EU local networks (July-December 2020)

Applications should arrive before July 21st for 2019 and before November 15th for 2020.

All applications (consultants / trainees) should be sent to