Youth Opportunities: Atlantic Futures Program

The “Atlantic Futures” program created by the Atlantic Cities network aims to promote the European Union and its values, offering opportunities for internships and volunteer work to young people of different backgrounds in the secretariat or in a member city.

Thanks to this experience, young people will be able to discover or deepen their knowledge in the European affairs and projects sector while practicing several languages: French, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Who can participate?

Young people with:

a) High school in a local institute at Rennes: Administrative or similar vocational training (language level not required)

b) Higher education degree or master with signed convention: All specializations, requirement to have at least 3 of the 4 languages ​​of the Atlantic Cities in B2.

c) European mobility:

– Erasmus + (Internship)

– IVY – Interreg Volunteer Youth

– AYCH (Creative Jams)

Deadlines to submit your applications:

Young people in training:

  • Until November 30, 2019, to start in January 2020
  • Until May 30, 2020, to start in July 2020

Young entrepreneurs:

  • Until September 30, 2019

Creative Jam:

  • Until January 31, 2020

Contact to send applications: (All applications receive feedback)

A curriculum vitae (mother tongue) and a letter of motivation (second language)

2 references to be contacted / reference letters.