From Augmented to Integrated Urban Realities

When I blogged about augmented reality apps more than a year ago, I’ve already thought that our society were finally entering futuristic, sci-fi realities. This entry will show you that I was wrong, that my assumption was nothing compared to how urban realities will be experienced soon.

Augmented realities on smart phones are last century. Google’s augmented reality answer is called Google Project Glass and will allow a completely new way of perceiving urban environments. Even though it is still a R&D program,Google Glass has already left behind the prototype stage. Glass is a combination of data glasses, camera and wearable computing. The latest version is small, light and solid – it could even be used for extreme sports, as Google Co-founder Sergey Brin claimed at Google’s developer conference I/O while PR wingsuite-jumpers streamed their free falls directly into the conference hall.


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