PIE Futures – Towards a Vision for Learning Cities 2020

This paper has been prepared to encourage discussion of future directions for the PASCAL International Exchanges (PIE) project beyond the PASCAL Cities Learning Together Conference in Hong Kong in November 2013. A set of eight possible objectives for the future are discussed in the paper.

2013 has been envisaged as a year of reflection for PIE with as number of PIE 2013 Events held in cities involved in PIE, leading up to the Hong Kong conference which will consider the subject Cities Learning Together : Local Communities in the Sustainable and Healthy Learning City. This subject reflects the PIE experience during 2011-2013, and provides an appropriate platform for reflection and discussion on the future of PIE, and on sustainable learning cities in general. As a long term vision and perspectives are essential, this paper is seen as  an initial step towards a vision for Learning Cities 2020.