Good Practices on Early School Leaving in Tallinn

In the strategy 2020, the European Union recognizes Early School Leaving (ESL) as a major challenge with an aim to reduce it below 10 %. Education researchers and practitioners consider that the role of parents in the prevention of this problem is crucial. Through a range of policies, local authorities can play a key role to better involve parents. PREVENT proposes to share experiences related to the involvement of parents in the prevention of early school leaving.

eKool (eSchool) is a role based web application used by 98% of Tallinn schools to track grades and credits, get homework assignments, enable parents’ communication with the school and monitor the students’ attendance in the school. By the year 2002, it was obvious that school diary on paper and system of exchanging information cannot be the same anymore as it wasn’t which is why eKool was created and the City of Tallinn started to use it from the beginning. eKool aims at creating cooperation to contribute to the development of the child. It enables systematised information of the school and creates internet access to this information, bringing order to the collecting and maintenance of the school information. A role based web application, eKool allows to distribute learning information only for those eligible to see it.

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