Lisbon riverfront bike-sharing scheme to be inaugurated by April

Lisbon’s riverfront is from next spring to feature a shared-bike scheme to be run by a private company whose activities are to cover the full stretch from the former Expo site in eastern Lisbon to Guincho beach west of the town of Cascais.

Initially, the scheme is to cover just 11 kilometres, with 12 stations dotted along the river, Martim Mayer, one of the founders of SlowFastCycles, the company involved, told Lusa News Agency. He said the service is aimed at both tourists and locals. Users “will have two ways to access bicycles”, he explained, one of which is to register online. “After registering, the user receives a card. “In addition, they’ll be able to download an application that makes it possible to access the system through their smart-phone,” he continued. “When I go to a station, I hold the card next to a parking dock, to free the bicycle.”

For occasional users who are not registered online, the stations will have “posts with a reader for credit and debit cards”. Once payment is made, the user receives a ticket that enables them to unblock bicycles at any station, for one trip or a whole day’s use. The aim, Mayer said, is to inaugurate the scheme on 21 March, although that may prove difficult and April is a more realistic deadline.

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