Going local: The communication potential of local and regional authorities

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Kolja Raube, Axel Marx, Wim Van Aken and Jadir Soares from the Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies in close consultation with the Committee of the regions presented a study on the communication potential of local and regional authorities (LRA). The study focuses on the willingness, ability, resources, and potential need for support of LRAs in the context of communicating the EU and more specifically the 2014 European elections.

More precisely, the study first introduces previous efforts of LRAs to communicate about the EU; then analyses the current communication channels and their effectiveness, and it also evaluates

the willingness of LRA to support an EU information campaign in the context of the 2014 European elections.

Between the 22 and the 25 Lay, the European Parliament (EP) will hold its 8th elections. Since the Lisbon Treaty, the high-stakes elections implies that the European voters will have a crucial role to play if they want to have a chance to decide who is going to be the next European Commission President.

More information: ey2013-alliance.eu


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