Successful year for the Gijón-Nantes motorway of the sea

Gijón Port Authority recently celebrated the first anniversary of the launch of the Gijón-Nantes Motorway of the sea.

The 90% occupancy during the first year supports the success of the route. This fact means that more than 40.000 passengers and over 31.0000 vehicles were shipped firstly in the “Norman Bridge” and then in the ship which replaced this vessel with a greater capacity.

This motorway of the sea links both lines in 14 hours sailing time, allowing you to avoid long hours of driving, saving time and petrol .With 3 crossings from each port per week and with late evening departures and morning arrivals. This has been crucial for the success of the route, both the professional road transport sector and the passengers.

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Extrct from PuertoGijon.