Brussels – Conference Cecicn, present Mayor of Pescara Albore Mascia

«Computerization, sustainable development of territoriality, innovation and labor policies: these are the four pillars of action developed by the Conference of Cross-border network of cities, and will soon be shot in the partnership projects funded by the European Community. This is what emerged during the new Summit Conference held in Brussels Cecicn and saw Pescara player representing the Forum of Adriatic and Ionian Seas, which we have the vice presidency. » said the mayor of Pescara Albore Louis Mascia at the end of the session of the Conference and meeting with the Director General of the European Commission for Regional Policy Dirk Ahner.

«Cecicn, the Conference of the Network of the city-region border, established in April 2010, involving six different European Network, which includes 500 cities – said the mayor Albore Mascia – aims to create a lane for the privileged ‘Access to European funds for the promotion of urban regeneration inizitive.»

«Four lines of action outlined in the course of the summit and will be developed in the short term : informazation, sustainable development of the territory; innovation and efficiency of the administrative machine, labor policies. Four themes that are already part of the agenda and work of our administration that we have deepened with the Director Ahner with which it interacts to drop the four axes of the partnership into concrete projects. The objective of the proposed work will also be for example the harmonization of rules between neighboring countries, which often create management difficulties. Obviously, the Forum of Adriatic proposals are to be developed within the Cecicn «.

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