Cities Outlook 2012

As 2012 unfolds, cities will become increasingly important to the UK’s continued journey out of recession.  The ongoing economic challenges will require national Government to combine responses that support those cities best placed to support growth, as well as those cities that are still grappling with long term economic restructuring. 

2012 needs to be the year that city autonomy, underpinned by Government support where required, becomes a reality. Now in its fifth year, Cities Outlook 2012 is the authoritative economic index of the 64 largest cities and towns in the UK. Cities Outlook 2012 sets out how different cities are set to fare through the challenging economic circumstances of the year ahead. The report identifies the cities where glimmers of economic growth are likely to be evident, and those that are vulnerable to further economic stagnation.

Cities Outlook 2012 focuses in particular on the nature of unemployment in different cities, distinguishing between those cities that have been hit hard by the impact of the recession, and those that are struggling with the challenges of long term and youth unemployment.  The different composition of unemployment in different cities means that a nuanced, flexible and place-based policy approach is needed.

Source and more information: Center for Cities


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