Nantes and Saint Nazaire: The Port’s New Era

The time when ports are content to look at the sea is over. At the heart of economic and environmental issues, hit by the crisis and forced to rethink their development model, ports are now turning towards cities to assure their future. “The Port’s New Era” is the theme of the 13th World Conference of Cities and Ports (AIVP) to be held from June 18 to 21 between Nantes and Saint-Nazaire.

“Urban port, port entrepreneur and port citizen”

By bringing together in Nantes Saint-Nazaire, 500 professionals, elected officials, academics and researchers, architects and urban planners from around the world, the International Association of Cities and Ports (AIVP) raises the debate: the time has come for “urban port, port entrepreneur and port citizen” three axis bearing high stakes for the future of ports worldwide.

More information and source: Nantes Just Imagine