Sevilla: Development of brownfield sites

As cities become more congested and green space and landscape disappears, innovative policies dealing with urban regeneration are increasingly important.

Through INTERREG IIIC projects such as BERI, REVIT and SUFALNET it became evident that though a lot of Brownfield sites are tackled and redeveloped individually there is no common policy framework and the success of redeveloped sites is to a certain extent random and not consistent.

Building on Brownfield land is essential if we are going to develop our regions in the sustainable way they need. Local and regional government policies and programmes play a key part in ensuring that this happens.

Some of the existing policies aimed at encouraging the reuse of land such as the UK target of building no less than 60% of new housing provision on Brownfields, have been already by far exceeded and are not regulative enough in order to be sustainable.

In previous projects we realised that certain activities could not be transferred because  of different policies/regulations. While some of the partners have the tools to implement their regeneration activities, others were hindered by their policies.

The final conference of the project will be hold in Sevilla, CAAC member city.

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