Cork: Launch of the NEES Project

The NEES (Natural Energy Efficiency and Sustainability) Project is a Partnership of 8 agencies in 5 different European regions (Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Sweden and Greenland). The partnership is co-ordinated by Cork Centre for Architectural Education. The Project is funded by the Northern Periphery Programme of the European Commission and by local funding.

NEES has launched a Call to identify Best Practises in the use of natural, renewable and recycled products and services that can increase energy efficiency of existing homes, while maximising sustainability and minimising environmental impact over the Life Cycle of the product and the house. The Launch explained the aims and objectives of the Project, and plans for Europe wide dissemination and marketing of best practise products and services in the promotion of natural energy efficiency.   The event was chaired by Prof. Kevin McCartney, Director, Cork Centre for Architectural Education, University College of Cork. This event offers ample opportunities for networking and future co-operation, in particular for materials producers and installers working in this area.

Please contact Jose Ospina, Project Manager, NEES Project, on (+353) 28 21890 or at web site:


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