The smart strategy: Town Networking through the Atlantic: TONETA

TONETA project intends to foster the synergies created by twinning and joint membership of networks of the cities located in the Atlantic Arc. Networking is the fundamental core of the action strategy, as all initiatives depend on a solid implementation of the joint action and exchange During the more than 12 years of cooperation inside CAAC, Atlantic Cities have identified some key assets of transnational networking such as:

•    Exchanging experiences in key topics of sustainable urban development, by collecting good practices that provide affordable and useful solutions.
•    Benchmarking of the territories and their initiatives as a starting point for making the most of synergies. To make territorial cohesion real, it needs to start from specific reference points that enable suitable resources to be mobilised.
•    Formal and non-formal learning as a tool for exchange. Networking as soft diplomacy helps the exchanges on the basis of interculturality, solidarity, synergies, the Atlantic, European and global perspectives…
•    Pooling resources in an efficient and profitable way. Crystallising the pooling of resources is done clearly and efficiently through the CAAC, as all the agents involved contribute in the search for common goals.
•    Community involvement based on subsidiarity, coherence and proportionality. Cities and their networks should aim to be a sound box to measure people’s needs in the Atlantic Area, but also a communication tool for people’s initiatives.

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